Art of Giving: Cambodia here I come

I will be heading off to Cambodia in 2 days. I am very excited as you can imagine for this is my first time to be out of my comfort zone to experience what poverty is truly like. There are people that I must express my gratitude as without them, this trip would not be possible.  First, I must thank my mum and dad for giving me this opportunity to go to Cambodia, for paying for the flights.  Secondly, I must also thank my brother and sister, for they will have to play the role of parents –  24/7 for the week I am there, I will try my best not to be a burden to them but instead be their little teacher helper. Lastly, I must thank all of the donors who have contributed all sorts of items, such as stationery, books, clothing for these orphans who are unfortunately trapped in poverty.   I know these children could never imagine having any of these items.   If it were not for all of you, I would not be able to go on this trip.  So thank you!

As said, I am very excited to be going on this trip. Not only because I can be with my brother and sister but I can also have a chance to meet these children (whom they have grown to be very attached to my brother and sisters over the last 2 months), they are about my age.  I have friends from school but I don’t have friends who lived outside of Hong Kong.  I certainly don’t have any friends who grow up in a different environment or situation from me. This will be my first time and I remind myself that I must be kind to them, be patient with them and make friends with them. I am also excited because I want to experience what it is like to live in poverty, to see how these orphans in Cambodia survive in such an unhygienic and underdeveloped country.  I know I have a lot to learn from these children too.  They might not know how to speak English or have a good education like me but they certainly know how to survive on their own much better than I do.  So I remind myself to be humble when I am around them, to learn how to survive in many situations.   Most importantly, I am excited to go there because I want to be able to bring them happiness and love too.  We all need some love, right.

My brother and sister remind me that it will be difficult in the beginning, for the hygiene are not great, the food choices are not great either. But I know I must remind myself that the purpose of my trip is to bring some love to these children and to make a difference in their lives. So I will not complain, nor will I be a crying baby if I see any spiders.

This will be an eye-opening and unforgettable trip for me as I hope not only will I be able to help and contribute to the happiness of these orphans, but also as my father has taught me, to gain myself by expanding the boundaries of my life experiences, and grow as an individual. Like all traveling, the best part of such a journey is the discovery of what is inside oneself.

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  1. It is such a great journey you are taking Xavier, and I am immensely proud of you.Your efforts will touch the hearts of the children in this village, as well as give you memories and an experience that you will carry for the rest of your life. This is such a unique experience, for someone so young, so treasure the moment, and even if there some temporary hardships, those will easily be forgotten, but the life experience gained will resonate forever.


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